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Free A tool to collect information about Dell Servers Hardware and Software
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System Esupport Tool is an application created by Dell to help IT technicians to administer inventory and troubleshoot Dell´s Poweredge servers. The application collects specific storage info regarding Dell components installed on the server, such as PERC controllers with their firmware, array/containers, enclosures and physical hard drives, ethernet cards, tape backups installed, etc. It also collects Windows Server 2003 / Linux Server information such as services, tasks, drivers, and events logs, etc.
Since is a tool for enterprise techs, it performs all tasks required using a command line interface; yes, thats it, no buttons, menus or wizards available, after all the average PC user and even windows experts like you and me, might not have a server at home to play with and Graphical user interfaces on applications drains more sytem resources, something critical on servers.
Even though is a command line tool, it comes packaged on a setup that weights 18 mb, in comes preinstalled by Dell on each server and also can be found on their website and poweredge driver cd.
How it works? it is simple, you have 3 options, the first lets you temporary install the application, run the command,then save the information on a zip file created on the desktop and delete application files. The second lets you install and keep the application, also includes a web interface for best experience. The last one just create a report of hardware installed.
You can send the information collected by System Esupport tool to Dell tech support agents, your system administrator or keep it to you for inventory.

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  • Captures all hardware and software with just one command


  • Its web report, only works properly in Internet Explorer versions that contain MSXSL 3.0 or newer parsers
  • The report take a lot of time, event for a server that isnt running any heavy service


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